Cuties Diapers
VMware Storygraphics
Explore interactive worlds that illustrate all the ways VMware Business Mobility is transforming industries.
We developed an extensive campaign that visually demonstrates the surprising connections between two seemingly unrelated data points. And reinforces the idea that without Qlik, you're not getting the whole story in your data.
In order for Zicam to be effective, you have to take it within the first 24 hours of the first signs of a cold. So Grok’s strategy was to create a new category of cold medicine, the Pre-Cold™ category. Based on the insight that people don’t catch colds, colds catch people, we then created a disgustingly lovable character, the Cold Monster™, the personification of a nasty, full-blown cold.
Phantogram - "Don't Move" (Official Music Video)
Digital Retouching
U.S. Young Lions Cyber - One Voice App
One Voice App for the U.S Young Lions Cyber 2014 Copywriter: Alexander Dzegar
D&AD Copy Book
D&AD Copy Book - Ambient/ Digital Copywriter - Thomás Davini
Make-a-Wish Foundation
Throw a coin and make someone else's wish come true.
Toma Tide
Bring the world's biggest food fight the Tomatina, to the U.S. and make it a brand experience event.
i-Health TV Spots
TV Spots made for i-Health products
The Donation Sticker
Many of the Brazilian children are homeless. They live on the streets and ask for money at traffic lights by knocking on car's windows. In order to raise funds to give those kids food, education and home, we created a donation sticker. The sticker will be attached to the car windows, along with a QR Code that leads to a digital donation. Just point your mobile towards it and choose the amount of money you want to donate.
WERU Soundproof Windows
Print Campaign Copywriter: Thomás Davini
GrokNYC Website
Web design for
Hostess Cup Cakes
Art Director - Thomas Mori Copywriter - Thomás Davini
CallidusCloud Branding
As a leader in sales management software, CallidusCloud was an authority in pretty much everything “sales” related. Except one: selling themselves. Grok came in, and within 3 months, delivered a new brand strategy, as well as a new brand architecture reorganizing a confusing array of product offerings. We also designed a new logo, and a verbal and visual identity system along with a set of brand guidelines.
Post-ed by Post-it
Post-ed Iphone App Copywriter: Thomás Davini
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